Cognant is the growth engine for your brand and business

Only Cognant merges extensive mobile ad buying expertise with a live data platform to deliver not only true ROI on mobile marketing spend but eliminate endless fraud and tiresome make-goods in the process.

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    Expertise & scale

    Extensive mobile ad buying.
    Only Cognant has the expertise and scale to drive high performance from mobile to connected media. Our team manages tens of millions of dollars of marketing investment every month.

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    Your win is our win.
    Until now, no media buying network acts in the best interests of advertisers – ever. At Cognant, we are able to use our position as the largest mobile media buyer on the planet to drive efficiencies across the board for all advertisers.

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    Auto-detect fraud in near real time.
    Cognant detects fraud and filters it out immediately. Plus, it links automatically to your existing buying tools and invoicing system.

We use it ourselves

We are the team at MZ that plans, creates, buys, optimizes, measures, and reports media. We created Cognant internally because no technology existed to help us run holistic, sophisticated marketing campaigns for Game of War - Fire Age and Mobile Strike—two of the highest grossing mobile apps in history. And now we are running the marketing for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, one of the largest gaming franchises in the world.

Now available for everyone

Now we're unleashing the power of Cognant for like-minded marketers who demand real performance from their dollars. Those who want to know that their marketing spend is not only being deployed but is being rigorously and continuously optimized on an intraday basis across over 200 networks, including Google and Facebook converting marketing from a cost center into a revenue driver.