Cognant is the growth engine for your brand and business.

We are an advertiser. We are a buyer of media. We are a client.

We are not an agency, a consultancy, or a technology solution.

We are the internal MZ team that plans, creates, buys, optimizes, measures, and reports media for Game of War, Mobile Strike, and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Our apps are among the highest grossing in history. And now we run the marketing for one of the largest gaming franchises in the world.

We have created this business because we understand multi-channel marketing effectiveness, and we’re beginning to work with like-minded marketers who demand more performance from their dollars.


Rapid growth is our business. Let us help you with yours.

No technology existed to help companies run holistic, sophisticated marketing campaigns, so we had to build our own.

No agencies have the expertise and scale to drive high performance from mobile to connected media. So we built that, too.

No networks act in the best interest of advertisers, so we use our position as the largest mobile media buyer to drive efficiencies for our partners.

No fraud detection solution filters out fraud in near real-time and links automatically to your buying tools and invoicing system. So we built that as well.


... And let's chat about your media marketing objectives and how we can help.